M-Audio AIR 192X4 Audio/MIDI Interface
M-Audio AIR 192X4 Audio/MIDI Interface
M-Audio AIR 192X4 Audio/MIDI Interface
M-Audio AIR 192X4 Audio/MIDI Interface

M-Audio AIR 192X4 Audio/MIDI Interface


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M-AUDIO AIR 192X4 Audio/MIDI Interface


Boasting an elegant metal chassis with modern lines with a large central volume button, this interface features brand new analog/digital converters and low-noise, transparent, transparent crystal preamps that deliver the highest audio performance in its class.

The Air 192X4 allows you to record up to 2 channels at a time with 1 XLR/jack symmetrical combo input, and has a dedicated instrument input with the right gain and impedance to render as accurately as possible the sound of a guitar or bass plugged directly into the interface. It connects to your Mac or PC via a standard USB or USB-C port using one of the two included cables. This premium Hi-Speed USB connection lets you have latency listening to your inputs, making the recording process easier than ever. The global combination of professional audio performance, easy-to-use features, and software content provides everything you need to start recording now and makes the Air 192X4 an incredibly versatile, high-performance audio interface that sets a new standard.

Crystal-clear recording

With M-Audio's Air interfaces, high-quality audio capture has never been easier thanks to the professional-quality "Crystal" preamps. Crystal preamplifiers provide musicians and producers with a transparent signal to get the best out of your microphones for a flawless capture of your performance. In addition, the Phantom 48V power supply supports all types of microphones, including the coveted sound of studio capacitor microphones.

Studio Quality Capture, Ultra Portable

The Air 192X4 incorporates custom-made analog/digital converters to deliver 24-bit digital audio resolution to achieve a dynamic range that captures all the nuances and subtlety of your performance. Combined with a sampling frequency of up to 192 kHz, you can be sure that your recordings will be completely accurate to the audio source. Whatever the occasion, for a demo or recording, it offers the quality you demand in an ultra-portable, easy-to-use and robust case.

Whatever the project, Air will do the trick

The combination of the symmetrical XLR/jack combo input and instrument input, allows the Air 194X4 to record 2 channels simultaneously, in studio quality with a resolution of 24-bit/192 kHz. The flexibility of a combo input that can accommodate any audio source from a microphone or line-level signal, as well as the custom-made gain and impedance on the instrument input, ensure a precise signal when recording a guitar or bass.

Broadband-proof, Zero Latency Recording

Connecting the Air 192X4 couldn't be simpler: install the drivers, connect it to your Mac or PC via the standard USB or USB-C port and you're ready to check in. With its high-speed USB-C connection and USB/Direct balance knob giving you access to latency-free recording monitoring, you can finally focus on what's important: your performance!

Immediate creativity

Whatever the project, the Air 192X4's world-class software suite provides the tools you need to turn your ideas into true masterpieces. Record, mix and finalize using Pro Tools First M-Audio and Ableton Live Lite; Expand your sound palette with AIR Music Technology's suite of virtual instruments (Strike, Xpand!2, Mini-Grand, Vacuum, BOOM) and add a professional finish with 20 iconic effects plugins from the AIR Creative FX Collection, as well as the many modelings offered by Eleven Lite or the 2GB of Touch Loops samples. More than just an interface, the Air 192X4 is the heart of your creativity, offering everything you need to express your creative potential.

Pro Tools/ First

Pro Tools / First, is an understandable and powerful audio production and music creation solution for recording, editing, mixing and sharing your music. Be mobile and fine-tune your music anywhere with the 1GB Avid cloud space that allows you to record and sync up to 3 projects, and why not collaborate with other musicians.

Ableton Live Lite

Also included is Ableton Live Lite, one of the most popular performance and music production programs among musicians. Ableton Live Lite is a powerful music creation tool that allows musicians and producers to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise and edit musical ideas in a stable and fluid audio/MIDI environment. Explore real-time sound capabilities on stage or in the studio. When you're satisfied with your work, Ableton Live Lite lets you record and mix everything.

Touch Loops

Based in Los Angeles and London, the Touch Loops team develops soundscapes, samples of all kinds with an unwavering love for analog processing and classical recording techniques to help musicians improve their productions. M-Audio and Touch Loops have selected more than 500 sounds to be grouped into a 2GB library of sound content of all kinds for unprecedented musical creativity.

XPand AIR!2

Xpand!2 is a powerful multitimbral synthesizer and a versatile workstation rich in features that allows the creation of patches including up to 4 layers of instruments. Using, from an FM-synthetic wave table to sample reading, Xpand!2 offers thousands of ready-to-use sounds and patches for a wide variety of genres.

AIR Strike

Strike is a virtual battery plug-in featuring a large library of high-quality samples, a user-friendly and intuitive arranger, and a hyper-realistic performance engine that provides access to 19 customizable kits recorded at the legendary Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

AIR Mini Grand

Also included in this suite, Mini Grand is a powerful piano emulation featuring seven distinct piano sounds, cleverly adapted to accommodate a wide range of musical styles and cover production needs. Combining a bunch of carefully selected piano samples, a choice of 7 piano models, an innovative technology called "re-pedaling" (for realistic string resonance) and an environmental simulation; Mini Grand offers composers an arsenal of customizable sound, perfect for live or for your studio recording sessions.

AIR Vacuum

Vacuum Classic is a vintage monophonic synthesizer with analog synthesis, with modeling of the lamp circuit that perfectly captures the warm and crunchy sound of the analog era. With its analog oscillators, multiple filters and envelopes, and built-in audio effects, Vacuum lets you immerse yourself in subtractive synthesis to recreate the sought-after analog sounds of the 70s and 80s. Adjust switches, buttons and dials to program everything you want, whether it's bass, leads, pads or unique sound effects.


Boom includes a wide selection of 10 classic electronic drum kits, offering variations on classic 808 and 909 kits, more aggressive dance and urban style kits and a powerful retro kit modeled on a 'CR78 merged with a 606'. Each kit contains 10 different batteries, where you can adjust the pan, volume, tuning and decay of each battery into a kit.


  • USB-C high-speed audio interface (USB-A compatible) with zero latency monitoring (2.59 ms) and USB/direct balance control
  • 24-bit/192 kHz resolution for professional-level recording and monitoring
  • New Crystal preamps and ultra-transparent analog/digital converters deliver unrivalled sound
  • 48V phantom power compatible with all types of microphones
  • 1 XLR/TRS symmetrical combo entry and 1 TRS instrument input, perfect for solo artists
  • Large central volume control knob
  • MAIN symmetrical audio outputs TRS jack 6.35 mm
  • 6.35 mm jack headphone output with independent level control
  • Design chassis, sturdy metal with Kensington slot
  • Includes standard USB and USB-C connection cables
  • Software Delivered: Avid Pro Tools First M-Audio Edition, Ableton Live Lite, Eleven Lite, Avid Effects Collection, Air Creative FX Collection, Air Strike Virtual Instruments, XPand! 2, Mini Grand, Vaccum, BOOM and 2GB of Touch Loops samples
  • Windows 7 and top, MAC OS X 10.8 and higher
  • Weight and dimensions: 0.9 kg, 152 x 71 x 198 mm

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