BOSS GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor
BOSS GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor
BOSS GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor
BOSS GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor
BOSS GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor
BOSS GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor

BOSS GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor


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BOSS GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor


The Boss GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor delivers a wide range of high quality effects in a compact and lightweight design, perfect for any travelling musician. Containing a history of boss processing, from the OD-1 overdrive to modern effects powered by MDP technology, the pedal features plenty of functions that will please both novice and experienced players. The Boss pedal features a wide range of effects, from distortions, chorus effects and delays, to instrument simulations, amp tones, and looper effects, with even more accessible from the Boss tone centre website. With up to 7 hours of battery power with constant use, the Boss GT-1 is the perfect multi-effects pedal for any musician playing mobile gigs, back stage, or on-the-go.

Driven by the ST-Series Engine

The Boss multi-effects pedal features their leading sound engine from the GT series of pedals, offering a range of world class amps and effects that suit all types of music. The pedal produces professional quality sounds with plenty of tweakable parameters, perfect for seasoned musicians wanting complete control over their sound. Boss has incorporated their history of effects processing, from the OD-1 overdrive, to modern effects powered by MDP technology, as well as a range of COSM amp tones.

A Compact Multi-Effects Unit

With a lightweight and portable design, the GT-1 provides a range of controls and features that makes it perfect for travelling musicians. The multi-effects processor offers a selection of dedicated controls and a built in expression pedal, allowing for quick and easy adjustments to the effects. The pedal can be powered by either an AC adaptor or 4 AA batteries, with up to 7 hours of battery life when constantly used, perfect for playing street gigs, backstage, or on-the-go. The pedal also features jack inputs for more expression pedals, and a USB port for recording and connecting with DAW and Boss software.

A Range of Controls in a Compact Design

The GT-1’s three footswitches are designed to provide patch selection, tuner access, looper control, and more in a compact design. The dedicated CTL1 switch can be assigned to a range of functions like tap tempo, or effects on/off, while the expression pedal and toe switch can be used for volume, wah, and other effects parameters. A range of control buttons are simply laid out for easy access, allowing both professions and novice musicians to enjoy the pedal to its fullest potential.

Patch Selection and Sound Creation

It’s simple to find the perfect tones for your musical style, and just as easy to customise them to your taste. Beginners can get great sounds right away, while more experienced players will appreciate how quick and intuitive it is to adjust sounds. The easy select function allows you to choose patches by genre, distortion, or effect type, while the easy edit function lets you tweak drive, modulation, and echo tones to find the perfect sound for your playing style./p>

Boss Tone Central

The Boss tone central is a library service offering additional contents for many Boss products. Download the Boss tone studio application for powerful editing software and connect to the internet to download any of the free contents from the ever growing collection.

VisiS tone central to access a range of effects, updates, and patches for your pedal.t BOS


  • A Lightweight and Compact Design for Easy Portability
  • Features Boss’ Flagship-Class Sound Engine to Provide Incredible Effects
  • A Modern Design with Rounded Edges to Provide Safe Transport in Guitar Bags
  • Easy Select and Easy Edit Functions for Quickly Choosing and Tweaking Patches
  • Has A Battery Life of Approximately Seven Hours, Perfect for Busking and Mobile Gigs
  • Onboard Control Switch and Expression Pedal for Easy Effect Control
  • Download Ready-to-Play Pro Patches for Free from the Boss Tone Central


  • Display: Graphics LCD (132 x 32 Dots, Backlit LCD)
  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • AD Conversion: 24 Bits, AF Method
  • DA Conversion: 24 Bits
  • Effects: 108 Types
  • Patches:
    • User: 99
    • Preset: 99
  • Phrase Loop: 32 Seconds
  • Nominal Input Level:
    • Input: -10 dBu
    • Aux in: -120 dBu
  • Maximum Input Level:
    • Input: -7 dBu
    • Aux in: 0 dBu
  • Input Impedance:
    • Input: 1 M ohm
    • Aux in: 27 k ohms
  • Nominal Output Level:
    • Output (L/Mono, R): -10 dBu
    • Phones: -10 dBu
  • Output Impedance:
    • Output (L/Mono, R): 1 k ohm
    • Phones: 44 ohms
  • Recommended Load Impedance:
    • Output (L/Mono, R): 10 k ohms or Greater
    • Phones: 44 ohms or Greater
  • Controls:
    • Down Footswitch
    • Up Footswitch
    • CTL1 Footswitch
    • Easy Select Button
    • Easy Edit Button
    • FX1/Comp Button
    • OD/DS Button
    • Preamp Button
    • FX2/Mod Button
    • Delay Button
    • Reverb Button
    • Memory Edit Button
    • Exit Button
    • Enter Button
    • Menu Button
    • 1 Knob
    • 2 Knob
    • 3 Knob
    • Expression Pedal


  • Input Jack: 1/4-Inch Phone Type
  • Output (L/Mono, R) Jack: 1/4-Inch Phone Type
  • CTL2, 3/EXP2 Jack: 1/4-Inch TRS Phone Type
  • Aux in Jack: Stereo Miniature Phone Type
  • USB Computer Port: USB Type B
  • DC in Jack


  • Power Supple: 4 x Alkaline Batter (AA, LR6), AC Adaptor (Sold Seperately)
  • Current Draw: 200 mA
  • Expected Battery Life: Approx. 7 Hours


  • Width: 12-1/16” (305mm)
  • Depth: 6” (152mm)
  • Height: 2-1/4” (56mm)
  • Weight: 1.3 kg

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