Peace DP 101 5pc. Wine Red

Peace DP 101 5pc. Wine Red


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Peace DP-101 – Acoustic Drum Set 5 Pcs in Poplar Wood with Brass coated finish and Plates

Product Specs

The new Demon kit bridges the gap between an entry level kit relegated to the practice room and an intermediate kit that sees action beyond the woodshed - at a price that fits within a student's or aspiring musician's budget. New lugs and brackets not only give the kit a high tech look but are designed to allow maximum shell resonance, while providing a sturdy platform for trouble-free bashing. The five-piece kit comes in the two most popular wrapped finishes, wine red or black, both with black ravenplate trim. A complete outfit including stands, pedal, cymbals, throne and sticks, shells are constructed of preferred tonewood poplar. A righteous bang for a few bucks.

In Box :

Mahogany Shells (9-ply Bass Drum & Snare Drum; 6-ply Floor Tom & Tom Toms)
16" x  22" Bass Drum                   
10" x 12" Tom Tom
11" x 13" Tom Tom                                              
16" x 16" Floor Tom
5 ½"x 14" Snare Drum

Drum Pedal (x1)
Boom Cymbal Stand (x1)
Cymbal Stand (x1)
Hi-Hat Stand (x1)
Snare Stand (x1)
Drum Sticks 
Drum Throne 
Cymbals (14" Hihat, 16" Crash, 18" Ride)
Wine Red

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